Aircraft Parking

 Styl Aviation offers short term or permanent hangar space parking for your aircraft, ensuring safety and security. Full-service agreements including handling can be personalized to your specific demand.

All hangar space rental agreements can be combined with office, meeting room and refractory facility availability.


Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft need regularly service and maintenance at specific intervals. When you hand over your aircraft to a maintenance center you will want your aircraft to be handled with the outmost respect and care as well as maintained with detailed quality.

Styl Aviation have been performing maintenance and repairs on various types of aircraft for more than 35 years. Our experienced and highly-trained maintenance and repair crew are licensed by the FAA and EASA, authorizing us to perform inspections and repairs for a wide range of aircraft. 

Our experience and extensive maintenance and regulatory libraries help ensure you and your aircraft are safe, meet legal requirements and perform at optimal standards.



 As a pilot you should be able to enjoy only the flying. It’s only natural that you should want to enjoy your flying experience. But you might find certain questions distracting you when you’re in the air or managing your aircraft. When is your aircraft due for its next inspection? How many more flight hours do you have up your sleeve before a service is due? 

As a pilot/owner you are always responsible for the tracking of these maintenance items.

Styl Aviation is a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO). This basically means that we can be contracted to take over the obligations of the owner.

By signing a CAMO agreement, the owner of the aircraft agrees and entrusts to Styl Aviation the management of the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft, the development of a maintenance program that shall be approved by the airworthiness authorities of the member state where the aircraft is registered, and the organization of the maintenance of the aircraft according to said maintenance program in Styl Aviation.

Thanks to our CAMO+ capability, we can issue the ARC for your aircraft ourselves!

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